"Playground Productions" is a professional recording studio / Label located in Northcliff Johannesburg, South Africa, featuring vintage analog hardware and modern digital tools and pre-sets. We pride ourselves on pushing the quality of music coming out of SA and would love to work with and help you get your sound to an international level.

We have an array of high quality vocal condenser microphones that cater to all vocal recording needs and all genres of music. 

  • SE Electronics

  • Node

  • Behriger

  • We run our vocals through a Vintage Universal Audio Solo 616 which is paired with a Warm Audio WA76 compresser that gives you all the warmth you could ever need before hitting the Steinberg UR824 sound card.

  • We use the world renowned Adam A7X's paired with a Presonus T10 Sub. for all your low-end mixing requirements.

  • As for headphones we have the "Beats by Dre" Studio addition and the Sennheisers for the few that don't like bass in your face.

  • We suggest you bring your own instrements for recording sessions but for the forgetful type you have the following at your disposal:

  • ESP LTD Bass guitar

  • Ebenez Electric Guitar

  • Les Paul Costom Electric guitar

  • Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

  • M-audio Keyboard.